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#324: Sex Therapy: What Is It, and Why Should You Go?

Online Christian sex therapy—yes, you read that right. Did you know that there are therapists trained specifically to address issues like low libido, mismatched sex drives, intimacy after trauma, and painful sex? And that these challenges can be addressed from the comfort of your home, no physical contact required? Join Juli and her guest, certified Christian sex therapist Josh Spurlock, for encouragement and practical insight into how a sex therapist might help you. 

Guest: Josh Spurlock, MA, LPC, CST

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#323: Bye, Awkward Side Hugs! Getting Over Our Fear of Opposite-Sex Friendships

Was Jesus a bit aloof with Martha and Mary because He didn’t want them to think there was, you know, “chemistry”? Did He give Mary Magdalene side hugs? We don’t actually know the answers to these questions, of course, but if we look at the way Jesus had intimate interactions with both men and women in the Gospels, we think not.  In our churches, however, we’ve become so uncomfortable with our bodies, with sexuality, and with male/female relationships, it’s almost like we don’t know how to be friends with the opposite sex at all—especially if you’re married! In this episode, Juli talks with author Bronwyn Lea about getting over our fear and awkwardness and teaching men and women how to build intimate, non-romantic, and life-giving relationships.

Guest: Bronwyn Lea

Show notes:

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#70: Stepping up as a Stepmom

Being a stepmom is one of the hardest roles a woman can take on. Because, let's be honest: you fell in love with your husband, you didn't really fall in love with his kids--at least not right away. In this candid and lively conversation with two stepmothers, we dig deep into the heart of boundaries, relationships, and love with someone else's children in your life.

Guests: Kathi Lipp and Sarah Kallberg

Show notes:


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#322: The Secret Superpower of Kindness

Think about your toughest relationship: The wife who only ever seems to offer you the cold shoulder. The husband you’re finding it hard to respect. Or the coworker or in-law who drives you crazy. What if you had the power to change things?  What if YOU could make these relationships better?  In this episode, Juli asks author and researcher Shaunti Feldhahn to share the most fascinating thing she learned while surveying thousands of men and women, and how she discovered how kindness is a “superpower” that can change the dynamics of ANY relationship. Grab your java and join us!

Guest: Shaunti Feldhahn


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#321: Taking Your Marriage Back From Porn

One of the most painful experiences as a wife is learning of your husband’s porn addiction—or learning that he’s turning to porn again (and again). Author (and wife of a now-sober porn addict) Rosie Makinney is passionate about equipping wives with the appropriate steps to fight for their marriages, help their husbands, and find support for their own healing as well. Where do you draw boundaries? How do you know if he’s in a healthy support group? Is it okay to take time off from sex? We address all of those questions and more in this episode of Java with Juli. Grab your java and join us!

Guest: Rosie Makinney

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