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#414: Good Marriages Often Get Off to a Rocky Start (& Why It's OK)

Even good marriages can get off to a rocky start. In this episode, Ray and Robyn McKelvy, now married over 30 years, share their story of fear, doubts, and learning to trust; and how God used it all to help them build true, authentic intimacy.

Guests: Ray and Robyn McKelvy

Show notes:

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#406: Every Couple Has a Sexual Dance. What Does Yours Say About You?

Sex therapist Dr. Mike Sytsma says that when a couple tells him how they kiss or how they make love, he can tell them how they interact in other areas too. Every couple has a dance‍‍we dance around our wounds and insecurities, both inside and outside the bedroom. Don't believe it? Listen in!

Guest: Dr. Michael Sytsma

Show notes:


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#316: Sorry Mom & Dad, the "Sex Talk" Doesn't Work

The one-and-done "sex talk" doesn't work, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't talk to your kids about sex. When it comes to sexuality, your kids are growing up in a completely different world than you did. You probably won't find much success in just telling them what to think about sexuality; you're going to have to show them HOW to think about it. Sound hard? It is. Need help and encouragement? Grab your java and join us!

Guest: Hannah Nitz


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#277: Children, Teens, and Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse can happen anywhere and predators are typically someone a child already trusts. If your child is abused, what is the first thing you should do? What constitutes abuse? When do you report it? Juli and her guest tackle these tough questions and more in this Java with Juli.

Guest: Dr. Debi Grebenik


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#233: Understanding Your Man

From "All he thinks about is sex!" to "Why doesn't he ever initiate?" this Java with Juli episode has got you covered.  Juli sits down with our friend Jonathan Daugherty to help you better understand your man, his design and his sexuality. 

Guest: Jonathan Daughtery, Be Broken Ministries

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