#484 Duty Sex, Feeling Objectified, and Other Reasons Women Don’t Enjoy Sex in Marriage


It’s week three of our 7-week series exploring different themes around God, sex and intimacy, and this week, it’s all about sex in Marriage. Every couple wants a healthy, satisfying sex life, but achieving one isn’t always straightforward.

What does it look like to build sexual intimacy when your spouse has a lower drive than you do? What is the most effective way for you to pursue your spouse? And is having sex with your spouse more frequently the answer to their porn addiction?

Juli is joined by J Parker and Bonny Burns, the hosts of the podcast “Sex Chat for Christian Wives”, as they provide biblical, practical insight on the challenges Christian wives face in the marital context.

If you missed last week’s episode, click here.

Guests: J. Parker and Bonny Burns

Podcast: Sex Chat for Christian Wives

Book: Unlock Your Orgasm by Bonny Logsdon Burns

Blog: Five Things You Need to Know About Women, Orgasm & Intimacy

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Image by Lucas Bordião via Unsplash