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It’s not just girl talk on Java with Juli. Gentlemen, today is all about you! In this episode, Dr. Gary Chapman joins Juli at the coffee house to answer your questions about sexual intimacy—as well a few questions your wives want answers to! From frequency of sex to what to do if your wife struggles with erotica, no question is off-limits. Grab your coffee and tune in for our “Manuary” mailbag show!

Guest: Gary Chapman

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Pornography has gotten a lot of attention in recent days and for good reason. A recent survey revealed that approximately 85% of men interact with pornographic material on a monthly basis. Early exposure and addiction to porn is rapidly increasing, with boys and girls getting hooked before adolescence. We are learning more about the negative impact of pornography on people’s sexual and emotional health and relationships. We know that porn kills intimacy, but we are now learning that pornography is sabotaging relationships before they even begin. 

Authentic Intimacy is a unique teaching ministry called to teach on sexuality. Our vision is represented by two words that are rarely put together: Sexual Discipleship.

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Session 1: Why Does your Sexuality Matter? 

Session 2: What Does Holy Sexuality Look Like? .

Session 3: Open for Questions: Live Q&A 

Session 4: Restoring Intimacy with God 

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January 27, 2017     Plymouth, MI

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January 27, 2017     Plymouth, MI

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