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"Every question Jill would ask, I tried to answer. My posture was: I will answer any question without defense. I will tell you what I’m thinking without being prompted. I will walk humbly and differently than I ever have." That’s how Mark Savage rebuilt his marriage after having an affair. On today’s Java with Juli, Juli sits down with Mark and his wife, Hearts at Home founder Jill Savage. Grab your coffee and listen in to how God is restoring their intimacy and what He taught them about “inhumanable” love.

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Donald’s lewd comments and flippant attitude toward women, sexuality and marriage are a fitting picture for a nation that has reduced sex to a physical commodity bartered through an iPhone app. The average American regularly watches tv shows, movies and even commercials that glamorize the “freedom” represented by Donald’s approach to sexuality. Women all around us are marginalized, objectified and exploited because we encourage “boys will be boys.” Why are we surprised to hear such words from a man who has never claimed to be anything different?


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