Java with Juli

What Can Passion Pursuit Do for You?

Do you desire deeper intimacy with your spouse? Do you want to experience freedom in the bedroom like you've never experienced before? Do you feel like the church NEVER talks about sex? On today's Java, you'll meet five women who embarked on a journey to learn what God has to say about sex, and forged meaningful and lasting friendships along the way. Grab your latte and settle in to hear what awaits YOU in Passion Pursuit.

Guests: Pamela Nelson, Lauren Noullet, Charis Hueftle, Sarah van Bentum, Mindy Chacone

Juli's Blog

Masturbation: Is It Wrong?


Is masturbation always a sin? It is a complicated issue that doesn't lend to a clear black and white answer because the Bible never specifically mentions masturbation. The fact is that many Christians struggle with masturbation. In this blog, Juli shares a few things to consider as you evaluate this issue.


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Session 4: Restoring Intimacy with God 

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