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Tradition, Teaching and Women in the Church

Beth Moore recently blogged “A Letter to My Brothers” and flung open the doors to a discussion about women, teaching, and misogyny in the church.  In this Java with Juli, Juli and two friends talk about how they’ve handled the tension of being Bible teachers AND being women. Grab your coffee and hear how you can be a part of the conversation about embracing equality as men and women, honoring God’s Word, and confronting church traditions.

Guests:  Michele Cushatt & Sarah J O'Connor

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    Does Your Husband Need Sex?            

Many husbands communicate to their wives that they need sex, leading many wives to feel like a “sex dispenser,” just there to meet her husband’s biological needs. This is certainly not God’s design for sexuality in marriage and will quickly lead a couple to experience no “intimacy” in sexual intimacy. So how do we reconcile the “need” factor without sex becoming an on-demand obligation? How do we shift our thinking so that sex is viewed as a gift rather than an obligation?

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