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"Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart." How true we find this scripture to be when we honestly consider what we feel about people who look or dress differently than we do.

On today's Java with Juli, Dr. Juli Slattery shares how it never occurred to her how much she shared in common with women of the Mennonite faith… that is, until God introduced her to a group of very courageous women. ‚Äč

Guests: Esther Troyer & Phyllis Bear

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When we think about the holidays, we tend to dread the busyness and added stress that can frustrate intimacy in marriage. Most couples argue about bills, relatives and crazy calendars once mid-November hits. Instead of allowing this to happen in your marriage, I’d like to suggest that the holidays (Thanksgiving in particular) might be an opportunity to strengthen your marriage.

Authentic Intimacy is a unique teaching ministry called to teach on sexuality. Our vision is represented by two words that are rarely put together: Sexual Discipleship.

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Session 1: Why Does your Sexuality Matter? 

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Session 3: Open for Questions: Live Q&A 

Session 4: Restoring Intimacy with God 

Sex, God, & You

February 9, 2017     Fort Lauderdale, FL

Sex, God, & You

February 10, 2017     Stuart, FL

The Authentic Intimacy Conference

March 25, 2017     San Antonio, TX

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