Our most frequently asked questions with answers from Dr. Juli Slattery

Single & Sexual

Can I be single & sexual? ( blog ) (en español)

How far is too far? (blog) (en español)

Is masturbation a sin? (blog) (en español)

How do I know he's "the one"? (blog)

I don't have any sexual desire. Should I stay single? (blog)

How do I get past my shame? (video 1) (video 2)

If God reveals his character through marriage, what does that mean for the single woman? (video)

Should I tell my partner about my sexual past? (blog)

Pornography & Erotica

My husband is looking at porn. What now? (blog(en español)

How do I protect my children from pornography? (blog)

I discovered my child looking at porn. What should I do? (blog)

How do I rebuild trust after betrayal? (excerpt) (en español)

Is there an Authentic Intimacy for men?  (Check out Be Broken Ministries)

Sex & Intimacy

I want sex more than my wife does. What can I do? (video)

I want sex more than my husband. What can I do? (excerpt) (en español)

I don't have sexual desire. What's wrong with me? (excerpt) (en español)

Is masturbation a sin? (blog 1) (blog 2) (en español)

How do I rebuild trust after betrayal? (excerpt) (en español)

Is having an orgasm really that important? (blog) (video)

What if I'm attracted to somebody else? (blog) (en español)

Can I be godly and gay? (excerpt) (en español)

Is [fill in the blank] okay in the bedroom? (blog) (video)

I waited for this? When sex isn't what you thought it'd be. (blog)

How do I get past my shame? (video 1) (video 2)

I've never prayed about sex before. How can I start? (video)

How can my spouse and I learn to talk about sex? (video)

Sex after 60? What to expect. (video)



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