#479 More Than Just Behavior: Why Your Struggles With Sexual Sin Run Deeper Than You Think


What if your sexual desires and struggles could help you achieve deeper healing? In this episode, Juli hosts author and licensed mental health counselor Jay Stringer. Jay is deeply curious about the inner workings of our minds, and he loves to help people connect the dots between their sin struggles, the challenges they face, and the places they need healing in their hearts. Join Juli and Jay as they discuss how research helps us make sense of our sin and equips us to free ourselves from unwanted desires and outcomes.



Contribute to Jay’s Pioneering Research

Jay is now exploring the far-reaching, deep-seated topic of human desire. He needs your help to find some answers. The Holistic Desire Survey is anonymous and your honest responses will contribute to the healing of so many individuals and couples who are facing desire problems.

There are two versions of the survey: A survey for individuals and one for couples. To take the individual survey, click here, and if you’d like to participate in the couple’s survey, click here to email the research team and recieve your personal link to the survey.

Please complete the survey by August 31st 2023.



Guest: Jay Stringer, LMHC




Jay’s Website: jay-stringer.com/

Jay’s Instagram: @jay_stringer_

Website: The Holistic Desire Survey

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Image by Erwann Letue via Unsplash