#488 What Does the Bible Really Say About Same-Sex Marriage?

Preston Sprinkle, author of “People to be Loved,” joins Juli on the podcast to discuss his latest book “Does the Bible Support Same-Sex Marriage?” and tackles arguably one of the most sensitive and hotly discussed topics of our time. Knowing what God’s Word says is growing increasingly important, and in this conversation Juli and Preston examine some of the beliefs and arguments surrounding sexuality through the lens of biblical truth.



Guest: Preston Sprinkle


Preston’s Twitter: @PrestonSprinkle Preston’s Instagram: @preston.sprinkle

Preston’s Website: prestonsprinkle.com

Book: Does the Bible Support Same-Sex Marriage? by Preston Sprinkle

Book: People to Be Loved by Preston Sprinkle

Blog: Can I Be Godly and Gay?

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Image by Ilia Bronskiy via Unsplash