#483 Why You Need a New Theology of Singleness, Even if You’re Married


Join Juli and her guest Dr. Danielle Treweek as we kick off week two of our 7-week series exploring various themes around God, sex and intimacy. This week we look at singleness and ask the question: Have we as the Church misrepresented and misunderstood singleness? Dani is the author of “The Meaning of Singleness,” a book which seeks to help individuals and the Church recover a biblically accurate theology of singleness. Get ready for a conversation filled with grace, passion, and truth as Dani discusses some of what the Church has gotten wrong about the high calling of singleness.

If you missed week one of the series, click here to listen to the very first episode.


Guest: Danielle Treweek, PhD


Dani’s Instagram: @danitreweek Dani’s Twitter: @danitreweek

Book: The Meaning of Singleness by Danielle Treweek

Website: danielletreweek.com

Website: Single Minded Ministry

Blog: What’s the Purpose of Your Sexuality, Really?


Image by ​​Tim Mossholder via Unsplash