#502 How to Understand and Overcome the Challenges of Postpartum Sex

Pregnancy has its ups and downs, but where the rubber hits the road for most is postpartum. If you’re a woman who has had a baby or you’re a man married to one, you understand that there are fairly common challenges specifically around postpartum sex.

There’s a lot to navigate—changing bodies, new responsibilities, challenging hormones, it’s no wonder women struggle to figure out how they feel about sex and couples are hard pressed to find a new sexual rhythm.

In this much-needed and highly requested podcast episode, Juli is joined by pelvic floor therapist Heather Marra, and Dr. Jennifer Degler as they explain why sex is so different postpartum, and what wives and their husbands can do about it.

Guests: Dr. Jennifer Degler, and Heather Marra, PT, MPT

Jennifer’s website: jenniferdegler.com/

Heather’s website: onesimplestep.today/

Jennifer’s Instagram: @drjenniferdegler

Heather’s Instagram: @onesimplesteptoday

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