#467 Yes, Your Marriage Is Worth Fighting For (Here’s How to Save It)

While it may be the case that many people view marriage as a periphery issue, Juli’s guest, Pastor John McGee, argues that the way we love one another in marriage is one of the ways in which our faith is truly evident — “Marriage teaches us about the gospel, and the gospel teaches us about marriage.” Tune in to today’s episode of Java with Juli to discover some of what is missing in common teaching on marriage, and how leaning into the truth of the gospel equips us to love better, not just in marriage, but in all our relationships.


Guest: John McGee

John’s Instagram: @johnkmcgee John’s Twitter: @johnmcgee

Website: Re|Engage

Book: God, Sex, and Your Marriage by Dr. Juli Slattery

Blog Post: What’s the Purpose of Marriage?

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