#474 A Rebel’s Manifesto: How to Live Holy Different with Sean McDowell

What does it look like to live life as a Christian counter-culturally? How are we called to be in the world but not of the world when it comes to engaging with others, sharing the gospel, and addressing our own sin?

In this interview, Juli hosts author and professor Sean McDowell as they discuss his new book, “A Rebel’s Manifesto.” The book serves as a call and challenge to today’s Christians, urging them to revisit God’s Word and rethink what it means to be salt and light.

This conversation is crucial for all believers as we examine our blind spots and motivation, and examine the ways in which God is calling us to look more like Him and less like our world.



Guest: Dr. Sean McDowell


Sean’s Instagram: @seanmcdowell Sean’s Twitter: @Sean_McDowell Sean’s TikTok: Sean_McDowell

Sean’s Website: seanmcdowell.org

Book: A Rebel’s Manifesto by Sean McDowell

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