#500 Sex, Faith and Family: Conversations Every Couple Should Have Pre-Marriage

We’ve all heard it said many times that marriage can be tough. But it’s possible we don’t discuss enough how good, sweet, and awesome marriage can be!

Scott Kedersha, marriage pastor and author, joins Juli to share some of the things he’s learned in almost two decades of marriage ministry.

In this episode, Juli and Scott discuss:

  • How couples should handle sexual history and ongoing issues

  • What qualities to look for in a potential spouse

  • When to call off an engagement

  • The role of prayer and spirituality in the dating relationship

Whether you’re married, engaged, dating or single, this is an eye-opening episode guaranteed to help you navigate your intimate relationships with Godly wisdom and intention.

Guest: Scott Kedersha

Website: scottkedersha.com

Book: Ready or Knot: 12 Conversations Every Couple Needs to Have Before Marriage by Scott Kedersha

Book: The Ready or Knot Prayer Guide: 100 Prayers for Dating and Engaged Couples by Scott Kedersha

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