#492 How Human Trafficking Causes Us to Rethink What We Believe About God

Even with all the scriptures tell us of God’s capacity for miracles, many of us still often wonder, “Is God able to heal me? Is He really greater than the challenges I face?”

There aren’t many things that show the depths of sin and brokenness in humanity like the horror of human trafficking. If you’ve watched a documentary on human trafficking or know someone personally impacted by it, it’s clear there is so much brokenness in both the victims and their perpetrators.

Thankfully, God is greater than all that needs healing, mercy, and grace in all of us.

Charles Martin, author of fiction trilogy “The Keeper” Series joins Juli to unpack some of the realities of human trafficking, what it means to be broken, and what it takes to find freedom.

Whether you’re struggling with shame about your sin, or struggling to reconcile God’s mercy and forgiveness with the sins of others, this is for you.


Guest: Charles Martin


Book: It is Finished by Charles Martin

Book: Anything is Possible by Joby Martin and Charles Martin


Books from “The Keeper” Series:

Book: The Water Keeper by Charles Martin

Book: The Letter Keeper by Charles Martin

Book: The Record Keeper by Charles Martin


Website: charlesmartinbooks.com


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Image by Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash