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Did you know that on average, each year, around 463,634 Americans are victims of sexual assault? That’s a heartbreaking statistic, and it reveals a very real source of pain and trauma in contemporary American culture. What causes people to commit sexual assault? Is there a way to stop it? Dr. John Foubert joins Juli to discuss some of the reasons these numbers are so high, and what can and needs to be done to prevent sexual assault from happening.


Guest: Dr. John Foubert


John’s Twitter: @JohnFoubert

John’s website: johnfoubert.com/

Book: Protecting Your Children from Internet Pornography: Understanding the Science, Risks, and Ways to Protect Your Kids by Dr. John Foubert

Book: How Pornography Harms by Dr. John Foubert

John’s Non-Profit: One in Four

Book: Unwanted by Jay Stringer

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