Java with Juli is a fresh, relevant, and conversational new podcast wrestling with questions about relationships and sexuality.

It is NOT your traditional Christian podcast! No topics or questions are too challenging or risky to discuss. Nothing is taboo, but all is biblically-based and God-honoring. If you tune in, you’ll find that we openly chat about things many women wonder but don’t know where, or who, to go to for honest answers. We embrace a casual & multi-generational feel that has listeners imagining that they’re also “at the table.”

#240: Birth Control & Family Planning

Is it okay to use birth control? Can the pill cause an early abortion? Juli and her guest discuss the ethical issues that surround birth control and family planning. We don't have all the answers, but we know where to look for them.

Guest: Carrie Gordon Earll

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#239: Stop Dreading Christmas

Somewhere along the line, this "most wonderful time of the year" overwhelms us, making our souls feel both stuffed and empty.  Want to bring back the wonder of Christmas? We can help. Grab your cocoa and listen in.

Guests: Asheritah Ciuciu & Hannah Nitz

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#238: Josh Harris is Rethinking "I Kissed Dating Goodbye"

What if you gave millions of people the wrong advice? Two decades ago Josh Harris turned the Christian dating world upside down. Two weeks ago he asked the publisher to stop printing his best-seller, I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Join Juli and Josh for a raw conversation about asking hard questions and why it's okay to not have all the answers.

Guest: Josh Harris


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#237: BONUS! Reconstructing Intimacy After Breast Cancer

"I never imagined there would be a point in my life when a piece of me would have to be reconstructed. That at age 40 my chest would literally be taken apart and put back together."  Kim Harms underwent a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction after surviving breast cancer. She soon learned that her breasts weren't the only things that God would help her reconstruct.

Guest: Kim Harms, Life Reconstructed



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#236: Pursuing Wholeness, Not Purity

None of us is pure, but we can be whole. The imperfect packaging of the evangelical purity movement left many feeling confused and ashamed. Listen in as Dr. Juli Slattery shares a refreshing new approach to how we see our sexuality and how we're all on a journey to become more like Jesus.

Guest: Hannah Nitz


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