Online Book Studies


At Authentic Intimacy, we understand it may be difficult to find community around sensitive topics like sexuality. Because of this, we are excited to be able to offer various online weekly book studies for women throughout the year.

We invite you to join together with others in our community to dive into a deeper understanding of who God is and why He cares about your sexuality. Feel free to invite your friends! Below is a list of the studies that we are offering.

-Each study includes:

  • Live meetings each week with an AI trained leader (we use Zoom technology to connect)
  • Book included (additional fee for shipping)
  • Curriculum (videos where applicable)
  • Q&A with Juli Slattery or the author of the book we are studying - one week during the study
  • Access to a Private Online Group
  • Two-month membership to Authentic Intimacy that includes access to all archived podcasts and webinars
  • 12 people (max)

Price: $39 (non-members), AI members receive 25% discount (be sure to use your member code at check-out)

*This is a bundled price that includes the book. If you already have a book, we encourage you to give your new copy to a friend.

The Studies:

Men's Rethinking Sexuality

Sexual abuse, sex addiction, gender confusion, brokenness, and sexual shame plague today's world, but people are seeking clarity and hope. By contesting long-held cultural paradigms, this 8-week study equips you to see how sexuality is rooted in the broader context of God's heart and His work for us on earth. Click on the group below that you're interested in to see the start date and to register.

Women's Calm My Anxious Heart Study

Even though we want to be content and trust God, we can still feel overwhelmed by worry. Filled with encouragement and practical help for overcoming anxiety, the online 8-week book study for women explains what God says about contentment and offers ways to apply it to daily life.

Women's Passion Pursuit Study

A Bible study about sex? It's about time! This 11-week study discusses topics like: what's okay and not okay in the bedroom, temptation, forgiveness, and how and why to pursue passion. You will be amazed at how much God has to say on all these subjects and more. Click on the group below that you're interested in to see the start date and to register.

Grace-Based Recovery for Women

Struggling with sexual strongholds like pornography, masturbation, or lust? In this 9-week study, you will learn how to understand God's grace and why it is the only path to true freedom. Through practical exercises, group discussion, and Scripture, you will learn the principles of grace and how to apply those truths to the false beliefs that have held you captive. Click on the group below that you're interested in to see the start date and to register.

Authentic Intimacy is committed to creating an environment where people can grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and pursue wholeness and healing. To keep this God-honoring space safe and welcoming to our community, Authentic Intimacy, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel a membership or remove someone from a group if they exhibit behavior or language deemed inappropriate.

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