Sex and the Single Girl Facilitators

Get to Know Brandi

Hi there, I’m Brandi and I’m co-leading the Sex and the Single Girl OBS this summer. After dealing with the pain of sexual brokenness in my 20s, I found this book to help me learn more about God’s design for sex in 2019. I was so excited, I gathered a small group of women (via Facebook) and we went through it together that same year. Then in 2022, I led this OBS for Authentic Intimacy. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to lead it again! A bit more about me—some of my favorite things are books, adventures in Chicago, and spending time with my rescue beagle Piccolo. Hope to meet you soon!

Get to Know Alicia

Hi there, I’m Alicia and I’ve lead Sex and the Single Girl before and I’m co-leading it again this summer. OBS

has allowed me to be open and honest about sex and being single. Has also helped with accountability and having integrity and has given me a safe place to have this conversation. I’m excited to lead because it is always an opportunity for fellowship and community. Also, to help others learn what God has to say about sex and hopefully draw nearer to God. A little about me: I enjoy traveling and coloring. Hawaii is my favorite destination.

What others are saying about Sex and the Single Girl:

My favorite parts of the group were the discussion questions and the vulnerability and openness of everyone in the group. I also really appreciated that I was able to meet women across the country who are wrestling with similar Biblical topics.

I found this study exceptional for single women in terms of how to think about and consider their sexuality. Nothing I have read about singleness has challenged and encouraged me like this study. Furthermore, it really challenged my to think about what intimacy with God looks like.

I loved hearing both stories and insights of the other women. I found so much freedom in knowing that I am not the only one asking tough questions and going through challenging emotions.

Discover God’s design

for sexuality today.


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