Your 5 Favorite Java with Juli Episodes of 2022

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Your Favorite Java with Juli Episodes of 2022

Thank you for being part of the Authentic Intimacy community! One way we engage with you is by watching what content you are most excited about. As we close 2022, here are the 5 most listened to podcast episodes of the year. We continue to pray for God’s wisdom and direction as we begin the 2023 Java with Juli season. 


1. #262: Experiencing Sexual Pleasure, Part 1

  • Sexual pleasure does not have to be a mystery–women are divinely designed for pleasure!
  • A woman's body, mind, and soul often need to be cultivated for intimacy–Dr. Juli Slattery and guest Dr. Jennifer Degler discuss practical ways to cultivate that intimacy.


2. #409: Divorce & Remarriage (Abuse, Infidelity, Porn & All the Hard Things)

  • God’s Word does speak to complicated questions like, “What exactly is sexual immorality?” “When is someone free to remarry?” and “What can we do when abuse is happening?”
  • While the Bible gives a very clear and beautiful theology on marriage, Scripture also acknowledges reasons why divorce is permissible and even necessary. 
  • Whether you are happily married, struggling in marriage or have walked through a divorce, this episode is crucial to a proper understanding of what God says about this important topic.


3. #433: Can You Be Gay and Follow Jesus? with Greg Coles

  • Conversations around gender and sexuality are not something we should fear or avoid. They are actually necessary and, if approached with grace, can help equip the church to address the deepest longings of peoples’ hearts. 
  • God does not call us to heterosexuality but to sexual wholeness and integrity. As each of us – regardless of our sexual orientation or marital status – learn to steward our sexuality, we illuminate the beauty of the gospel to those around us.
  • Christians sometimes disagree about the nuance of walking out biblical truth. Listen to episode #434 and #435 for a more complete understanding of the debate about Christians and sexual identity. 


4. #407: Masturbation: The No. 1 Question You're Asking Us!

  • Most Christians have questions about masturbation. While the Bible doesn’t address it specifically, there are biblical principles that give guidance. 
  • Masturbation is more than a question of is it “right” or “wrong” or stopping a particular behavior. God wants to move into the places of wounding in our hearts and give us a fuller understanding of why we’re sexual. 
  • A more important question to ask is, “How do I grow in my understanding or stewardship of my sexuality?” which applies to everyone: men and women, single or married.


5. #422: How to Care for Both Women and Children In the Wake of the Dobbs Decision

  • Abortion is not just a cultural or political issue. Christians need to wrestle with the deeper questions of how to walk with grace and truth as individuals and a church community. 
  • God’s heart is for both women and their unborn children. When Jesus was confronted with two conflicting ideas, He always pointed out that neither offered the complete picture and instead gave a third Kingdom response. In this case, there is a third option – one that is broader and deeper than the pro-life/pro-choice dichotomy.
  • A truly pro-life perspective means being a voice for the unborn and for the women who are navigating an unwanted pregnancy. It also means ministering to those who have been impacted by abortion. The church should be a shining picture of a welcoming Jesus community to both women and their unborn child. 


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