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#374: Jackie Hill Perry on the Trustworthiness of God

Your marriage, your sexuality, wounds from your past, or things you can't see yet ... what do you struggle to trust God with?

In this episode, Juli sits down with Jackie Hill Perry for a conversation about how God’s holiness helps us trust Him. You'll hear some of the ways we've misunderstood His holiness and the misleading places we look to for definitions of words like "love" and "goodness," as Jackie shares from her new book, Holier Than Thou. If you’re questioning whether God is knowable, loving, good, or worthy of your trust — grab your Java and join us.

Guest: Jackie Hill Perry

Show notes:

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  • Christine Young

    Christine Young

    Love this. Would love to read your book. My e-mail is wanabholy & I really long to br but I tend to fail to often. But I love the heart of my God & His love to me. My heavenly Daddy!




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