Will Juli come speak at my event?

We would love to help you bring Juli to your community.  Find out more about our different event topics and send us a request  here.

Will Juli endorse my book or ministry?

Due to the number of requests and the demands of running Authentic Intimacy, Juli limits book endorsements to authors or ministries that she is already associated with.  We pray God will provide the right endorsements for your book/ministry and greatly bless your work!

Can you refer me to a Christian counselor?

We believe Christian counseling is a powerful tool that God can use to help individuals and couples work through difficult times and find healing from past wounds.  It’s hard work, but so worth the effort!  While we don’t make referrals to specific counselors, please check out Focus on the Family and their network of Christian counselors.  This is a great resource to help you find a counselor in your area. 

Also, be sure to read Juli’s blog, How to Choose a Wise Counselor (en Español)