No matter your journey, Authentic Intimacy is here to help.

Whatever your journey, Authentic Intimacy helps you make sense of God and sex. Whether you’re navigating your sexuality as a single Christian, working on sexual issues in marriage, figuring out how to talk to your kids about sex, healing from trauma, trying to break addiction, or just looking for answers on how to navigate culture, your questions about sex ultimately lead to questions about God, and we want to support you as you understand more of God’s design for your sexuality. If God has used the ministry of Authentic Intimacy in your life or in the life of a loved one, we invite you to prayerfully consider making a gift to this ministry. Your gift can help us achieve our mission to provide deep answers to real questions and to journey with you, whatever your journey.

Where Does Your Journey Begin?

Discipling the Next Generation

Raising children and teens in today’s sexual climate can be intimidating. When do you talk to them about sex, and what do you say? How can you equip your son or daughter to navigate the challenges of pornography, sexting, sexual violence, and confusing messages about gender? While you may be overwhelmed by this challenge, God is not, and Authentic Intimacy can help.

Your Healing Journey

If you have experienced betrayal, sexual exploitation, or assault, we are so deeply sorry for your pain. Beneath your wounds, you may have questions about God’s goodness and love and how to find wholeness. Many men and women have walked this road before you, and Authentic Intimacy can help you find the way forward and unpack God’s truth.

Freedom From Sexual Sin

If you struggle with pornography, sexual addiction, or any other unwanted sexual behavior, you are not alone. Battling sexual sin can make you feel isolated, full of shame, and without hope. God has invited you on a freedom journey, and Authentic Intimacy wants to journey with you.

Sex in Marriage

It’s normal to face significant barriers in your sex life. What God created to bring unity and pleasure can quickly become a source of great conflict and pain. If this is your story, understand that God sees and understands your pain and longs to bring you into a renewed understanding of His design. Authentic Intimacy can help.

Sexuality & Culture

Our culture is changing at break-neck speed. Growing numbers of people are embracing individualism and relativism as ways to define truth, and even within the Church there are gaps in understanding around sin. How do you, as a follower of Jesus, navigate the confusion, pain, and questions with both God’s Truth and grace? At Authentic Intimacy, we help people make sense of what the Bible says.


No one gets married to experience loneliness or conflict. Yet, marriage can be filled with these kinds of challenges and feel insurmountable at times. Building an intimate marriage takes wisdom and work, and Authentic Intimacy has the tools you need.

Single & Sexually Whole

Regardless of your current relationship status, you are a sexual being. Perhaps you’ve heard that sex is a “gift” from God, and yet in your singleness it sometimes feels like a curse. The Church has long held up marriage as the answer to our sexual longings and desires, and our culture tells you to follow your heart and indulge every whim. Authentic Intimacy helps you understand what it looks like to walk with sexual integrity as a single Christian.