Java with Juli

Hannah Nitz was able to sit down with two women who have influenced her since she was 12- Noelle Beck & Juli Slattery! Noelle runs a youth center in Akron, OH and tells the story of doing life on purpose, comparing ourselves, and truly believing everything is a gift (even through great grief and loss). 

Juli's Blog

Articles about anal sex and controversies over gay marriage are not the problem. They are simply symptoms of an epidemic of sexual confusion and brokenness.

Authentic Intimacy is a unique teaching ministry called to teach on sexuality. Our vision is represented by two words that are rarely put together: Sexual Discipleship.

While sitting on your couch, watch a full conference!

Wish you could attend one of our Authentic Intimacy conferences? We now have recordings of our conferences available!

This video gives you front row access to a full day of learning! By purchasing this item you will receive access to all four sessions from our conference, including a Q&A session where Juli & Linda take questions from the audience.


Session 1: Why Does your Sexuality Matter? 

Session 2: What Does Holy Sexuality Look Like? .

Session 3: Open for Questions: Live Q&A 

Session 4: Restoring Intimacy with God 

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