#518 Single Sexuality and the Unique Challenges of Widowhood

Widowhood presents profound challenges, with loneliness permeating every aspect of life, including the realm of sexuality. The loss goes beyond losing a life partner; it extends to losing a sexual companion as well.

In this week’s Java with Juli, Dr. Carol Tanksley, who became widowed after just seven years of marriage in 2016, delves into the complexities faced by widows, and sheds light on the emotional and psychological hurdles they face. She also shares her personal experience of surrendering her sexuality to God in widowhood.


Guest: Dr. Carol Tanklsey


Carol’s website: drcarolministries.com

Carol’s Instagram: @drcarolt


Book: Sexpectations by Dr. Carol Tanksley

Book: The Other Half of Church by Michel Hendricks and Jim Wilder


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