#203: Navigating Different Views on Sexuality

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Do you know what you believe about sexuality? Can you talk about sexuality with other Christians who believe something different? ​How do we hold to a biblical worldview without compromising the unity that Christ calls us to with other Christians --even those who disagree with us?  


In this Java with Juli, Dr. Juli Slattery and Hannah Nitz sit down and get practical about what this looks like in their life and relationships.


Guest: Hannah Nitz

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  • Ashley McGuffin

    Ashley McGuffin

    You both are doing amazing work. Thank you for such a practical teaching on how to engage on this topic. Be blessed!
  • Christine Young

    Christine Young

    Thank you for this. It's so practical & relevant in today's world. Loving & communicating with love can be so tricky but it is so important.
  • Loren Berry

    Loren Berry

    I have been wrestling with this topic all week, and I know it was God’s plan for me to listen to this specific Java with Juli tonight. So helpful to feel like I’m not the only psychologist believer struggling with how to discuss this topic with other believers and non-believers. Thank you for the suggestions and willingness to tackle these tough topics!!!
  • Bethany Scarpitti

    Bethany Scarpitti

    Thank you so much!! This is so practical and so honest. Hannah, like you expressed, I am so quick to assume someone's faith is fake or weak if they don't agree with me on issues of sexuality. Thank you for pointing out my pride in that and providing practical ways to love our friends and siblings in Christ, while we seek truth.
  • M Winchester

    M Winchester

    I have read and listened to a lot of the content on your site, and listened to your book Rethinking Sexuality. I respect the wisdom and transparency that Juli and Hannah bring to this discussion. And, I too, realize, as Juli points out later in the conversation, that sometimes there are areas where we just don't have a handle on the glasses we are looking through - so seeking first to understand the spirit and truth of Scripture and the experience of another person can be helpful for each of us to mature and grow through these things. In my experience, aiming for really understanding, I sometimes find that because of the respect I have for the other person - when they disagree with me, then I disagree with me. Clearly they are seeing something I am not, and I want to grow - maybe my application of Scripture is more influenced by a cultural influence than the Spirit of Christ. Humility in these things goes a long way, when we can be unified around the teachings of the Bible.