#372: How To Recognize Domestic Abuse

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Wearing sunglasses on rainy days. Using turtlenecks to hide choke marks. Running. Hiding. Ramona Probasco never thought she would do any of these things.

"I never thought it would happen to me. I always thought, 'No way. Not him. Not me. Not us.' I never wanted to call it what it was: abuse."

In this episode, Juli invites Dr. Ramona -- a psychologist and now also a certified domestic abuse counselor to share her story. You'll hear how to distinguish domestic abuse from common conflict in marriage, get a glimpse into the mindset of an abusive spouse, and better understand why finding the right kind of help can be difficult. Grab your Java and join us.

Guest: Dr. Ramona Probasco

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  • Brittney Merkley

    Brittney Merkley

    I needed this episode! 4 years out of an emotionally (verging on physically) abusive relationship, I’m still expecting difficulty going on a date without having an anxiety attack and seeing all men as harmful.
  • Jacci Roberts

    Jacci Roberts

    Brittney, so glad you're a part of our community. Thank you for sharing! I pray God will continue to heal your heart. You may also like the blog Why We Must Be Surprised By the Healer from Juli. Just copy and paste the title into the magnifying glass search feature.

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