#520 Sex, Cancel Culture and the Church: How to Pursue Unity When we Disagree

Have we the Church lost our way when it comes to living in unity? What would Jesus say about Christian cancel culture and the many threads on social media where people criticize one another in the name of Christianity?

God’s Word says, “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!”, and yet, in the modern American Church, unity can often be hard to find.

Join Juli and co-host Hannah Nitz as they discuss:

  • The need for a biblical perspective of the Church as Christ’s bride

  • How to extend God’s mercy, grace, and forgiveness to others and ourselves

  • How to cultivate a true Christian response to disagreements within the Church

  • Why maturity in the faith requires engagement with those with whom we disagree

  • How we can use the churches of the New Testament as a model to work through disagreements and pursue unity


Co-host: Hannah Nitz


Hannah’s Website: hannahnitz.com

Hannah’s Instagram: @hannahnitz

Book: “Until Unity” by Francis Chan

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