Q&A: Why is Gender Important?

Q&A: Why is Gender Important?


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Why is gender important?

In today’s day and age, we have a lot of conversation around gender, and so people are asking: why does gender matter? Is it important to God?

When we read the Bible we see very clearly that God created us in his image as male and female, it is repeated over and over again. So we see in the Scriptures that God did create two genders, two biological sexes, and that those sexes are important to God. And you might say well, why? We’ve got to understand that everything God created here on earth, He created to reveal something about Himself, and so even though it’s kind of mysterious on how you tie that down, God is revealing through the differences of male and female.

Now that doesn’t mean that every male and every female is stereotypical or exactly the same, but in the nuance of what it means to be human, God is also revealing through our gender, and we see that God created us as physical beings, including the physical aspect of our gender. And so in our world, where in our culture we often separate biological sex from the concept of gender, when we read the Scripture, we see that we really can’t separate those two. And that doesn’t mean that people don’t struggle with gender, they don’t struggle with their biological sex, but it means that if we are committed followers of Christ, we believe that wholeness is found through working towards coming to terms with your biological sex and asking God how He would reveal through the unique ways that He has made you as male or female.

Publish Date: March 6, 2024