Dr. Joy Skarka: Freedom from Sexual Shame for Women

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Online Coaching Intensives are for women and men who are seeking help on a specific issue and are looking for their next step.

Time and Dates: Wednesdays, 7:30-9 p.m. ET, Feb. 28 – April 24 (9-weeks)

Price: $400


Description: Sexual shame causes women to feel far from God, live a secret life, doubt that God loves them, and even question their salvation. This 9-week Online Coaching Intensive will help women understand sexual shame as one of the root issues among women’s sexual struggles. Women will begin to find freedom from sexual shame in order to walk in sexual integrity, wholeness, and healing. The healing journey begins through understanding the character of God, being known in a biblical community, and understanding God’s design for sexuality. 

Ideal participant: A Christian woman (single or married) who has experienced heartache from an unwanted sexual experience, trauma, addiction, and/or self-hate that has led to lasting sexual shame. She longs to live in freedom and discover healing, see herself as God does, and to have an intimate relationship with God and her community (but shame stands in her way).

Deadline to apply is Feb. 15. After this date you will be notified if you were selected or not.

Online Coaching Intensive Outline

Week 1: I’m not the only one.

  1. Sexual shame (SS) isolates you into believing you are all alone, but it turns out that you’re not the only one.
  2. SS causes you to walk away from God and/or your church.
  3. SS makes you believe you don’t deserve God’s love.
  4. SS makes you believe that you won’t be accepted in the church. 
  5. SS can cause fear of relationships (making porn the easier substitute.)
  6. SS causes women to believe they are too damaged to be loved by another soul.

Week 2: What is sexual shame?

  1. Share personal survey results. 
  2. Understand the sexual shame cycle.
  3. SS makes us believe we are damaged at our core, and leads us to self-destructive decisions. 

Week 3: How does SS impact Christian women?

  1. SS’s impact on porn and sex addiction.
  2. SS’s  impact on sexual abuse and assault victims.
  3. Female-specific response to SS.
  4. SS specific to Christian women.

Week 4: I’m never too far gone.

  1. Freedom by understanding the love and grace of God.
  2. SS takes our eyes off God and onto ourselves.
  3. Jesus understands your SS.
  4. SS starts in the garden.

Week 5: It’s about our heart and relationship with God, not behavior modification.

  1. Identity in Christ is key.
  2. Meditating on God’s Word.
  3. Beginning to change our thoughts.

Week 6: Sharing our stories.

  1. Freedom by being known in a biblical community.
  2. Isolation is one of SS’s primary voices.
  3. Sharing our stories is a weapon against SS–the first step in a sense of belonging

Week 7: Community sets us free.

  1. We want to belong.
  2. Creating a process of being known, begins the healing process of SS.
  3. The power of confession in community. 
  4. The power of prayer with one another.

Week 8: God created humans as sexual beings.

  1. Freedom by learning a biblical teaching of sexuality.
  2. You were created as a sexual being.
  3. Knowing Jesus intimatly satisfies our sexual desires. 
  4. Sexual desires are not bad things.

Week 9: The way we talk about sex matters.

  1. Wrap up.
  2. The importance of Sexual Discipleship.
  3. What’s next?

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