Meet Dr. Joy Skarka

Dr. Joy Skarka is the Authentic Intimacy Program Manager and is on the front lines of serving our Authentic Intimacy member community. Joy loves connecting with members and helping them find the resources they’re searching for. She also oversees our Online Book Studies, creates content, and speaks at ministry events. Joy joined the Authentic Intimacy team in 2020 and has built a transformational ministry for women who struggle with sexual shame and pornography. (Read Joy’s blogs here.)

Joy is passionate about creating spaces to free women from sexual shame and leads online small groups for women with unwanted sexual behavior. She coaches and teaches Christian leaders how to help women find freedom from sexual shame and pornography. Joy is an Adjunct Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary teaching the course “Sexuality and Ethics”. Joy has a published chapter in Sanctified Sexuality: Valuing Sex in an Oversexed World and an ebook on Kindle, Freedom from Porn for Women: 6-Day Devotional and Bible Reading Plan. Joy and Juli have a new book coming out this summer, Her Freedom Journey: A Guide Out of Porn and Shame to Authentic Intimacy.

Joy attended college at the University of South Florida and graduated in 2014 with a BA in relational communications. In 2017, Joy graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) with a MA in Christian Education. In 2021, she graduated with her Doctorate degree in Educational Ministry from DTS, focusing on helping women find freedom from sexual shame. Her dissertation, Sexual Shame in Women and How to Experience Freedom, was published in 2022.

Joy married her husband Zack in 2017, and they live in Florida with their two children.

You can connect with Joy and our other members in multiple ways:

  1. Join us at the next Second Cup member event!
  2. Join our AI Member’s Facebook page.
  3. Invite Joy to speak with your church or ministry!