Why Your Story Matters

by | Apr 5, 2016

Have you ever wondered if your life matters? Out of all of the people on the planet, why is your life unique?

From the time of my childhood, I’ve heard that I was made “in the image of God.” This one truth sets all humanity apart from every other created being. As “image bearers” men and women have a special relationship with God and purpose in life. It is a great theological truth but sometimes doesn’t seem to make a difference in how I view my life. If everyone is created in the image of God, then how can each one of us matter?

What I think was missing in this message is the truth that each man and woman uniquely bear God’s image. As people we share some universal qualities of God like we have a will, we will live eternally, and we have the capacity for moral reasoning. However, we also have the potential to represent uniquely the character of God.

Think for a moment of three people who have profoundly impacted your life.  Now, write down their names and what each one has taught you about the character of God.

As I reflect on the three people on my list, one of them has taught me about God’s unending mercy and love. Another has shown me the truth of greatness in being a servant. The third has taught me the value of a life of seeking God’s wisdom. I am deeply grateful for each one of them. They could never replace each other because each has uniquely impacted my understanding of God.

No two people have the same story of God’s goodness or exemplify the same quality of His character. We each have the potential to testify uniquely of the Lord to those who observe us or know us.

This fact means that no one can tell the same story of God that you were designed to tell. Think of all of the men and women chronicled throughout the pages of Scripture. David, Abraham, Daniel, Mary, Paul… they were all godly and submitted to the will of God. But each one’s life teaches us something special about the Lord. Their lives were not interchangeable but used by God in a very specific time for a very particular purpose.  The same is true of your life. God has placed you here on earth to tell a very specific story that only you can tell. My question to you is… are you telling it? If you don’t tell your story, no one else can.

If God is glorified when our stories declare His character, this means that our enemy, Satan, would love to prevent that from happening. I see Satan working in a few ways to suppress the unique image of God in our lives. He may have convinced you that your life and your story don’t really matter. Or he may encourage you to tell your story so that you are the star, stealing the glory from the One it was meant to exalt. Just as with the characters in the Bible, your story isn’t ultimately about you. The story of your life was intended to declare the glory of God to all who know you.

Has God redeemed you from sin? Has He set you free from bondage? Has He given you joy in spite of tragic circumstances? Has He healed you, given you peace, counseled you through storms, or blessed you with undeserved favor? Don’t allow anything to compromise or mute the story you have been placed on earth to declare. Go and tell the world of His wonders!