Rethinking Sexuality

A 9-Week Small Group Video Curriculum & Bible Study

A small group curriculum with videos and Bible study based on Dr. Juli Slattery’s book, Rethinking Sexuality.

This 9-week study is a great place to begin healthy discussion around biblical sexuality and very practical ways to apply God’s truth to real-life sexual issues. Going through this study will guide you in how to talk about relevant sexual issues. You will also learn why reclaiming the biblical narrative of sexuality is so critical to reaching the world and equipping God’s people.

This nine-week study provides curriculum and videos based on the Rethinking Sexuality book. Each week includes:

  • A short lesson written by Dr. Juli Slattery related to one of the seven Rethinking Sexuality paradigm shifts
  • A 15-20 minute video of Dr. Juli Slattery teaching about one of the seven Rethinking Sexuality paradigm shifts
  • Related Bible passage(s) to study
  • Discussion guide questions
  • Follow-up resources

“As you look at the landscape of Christian life and ministry, sexuality represents perhaps the greatest arena of shame and confusion. From porn use to the impact of sexual abuse and exploitation to broken sexuality within marriage, sex appears to represent an epidemic of pain. How should we respond to the changing sexual beliefs and moral standards around us? How do we equip our children when the culture talks endlessly about sex? What does the Bible say about issues like masturbation, homosexuality, and sexual brokenness?

Many Christians shy away from these topics because they don’t know how to talk about them in a way that honors God and respects people. Because we are hesitant to talk about sexuality, we have essentially conceded this area of life to the larger culture to discuss and define. It’s time to change that.”

-Dr. Juli Slattery

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