Can Christians reclaim sexuality in a broken culture?

Disheartening conversations about sexuality are all around us. Sexual abuse. Sex addictions. Gender confusion. Brokenness. Shame. But what if all this pain presented an invitation: an opportunity to pursue the heart of God and become Jesus' disciples? 

In this book, Dr. Juli Slattery, renowned expert on sexuality and biblical truth, equips you to:

  • Understand how every sexual question is ultimately a spiritual one
  • View sexuality not as a problem to solve but as a territory to reclaim
  • See how sexuality is rooted in the broader context of God's heart for us
  • Grasp the bigger picture of sexual challenges and wholeness
  • Shift the challenge from combating sexual problems to proclaiming and modeling sacred sexuality

Instead of arguing with the world about what's right and wrong about sexual choices, discover a broader and more effective approach in this practical and groundbreaking resource. As you encounter the pain of sexual brokenness- your own or someone else's- you'll ultimately collide with and point others to the love and grace of Jesus.

Learn more about Juli's heart behind this book and why we use the term "Sexual Discipleship"

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Rethinking Sexuality comes out on July 24, 2018!