Rethinking Sexuality

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In this book, Dr. Juli Slattery, renowned expert on sexuality and biblical truth, equips you to:

  • Understand how every sexual question is ultimately a spiritual one
  • View sexuality not as a problem to solve but as a territory to reclaim
  • See how sexuality is rooted in the broader context of God's heart for us
  • Grasp the bigger picture of sexual challenges and wholeness
  • Shift the challenge from combating sexual problems to proclaiming and modeling sacred sexuality

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How you can interact with Rethinking Sexuality…

Rethinking Sexuality is not just a book, but a movement to equip the Church in addressing biblical sexuality.  Here are all the ways you can get involved with the movement.

The Book

Can Christians reclaim sexuality in a broken culture? We say yes. Rethinking Sexuality challenges the paradigm of how Christians have traditionally approached conversations and questions about sexuality.

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Events & Training

Bring Dr. Juli Slattery in for a Rethinking Sexuality training for your church staff, leadership, and community. This event can be a few hours or even a full day conference.

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Small Group Curriculum & Bible Study

Want to dive into the content of Rethinking Sexuality in a small group or Bible Study format? Our small group curriculum is a 7-week teaching that includes a 15 minute video and discussion guide from Dr. Juli Slattery each week.

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In our Rethinking Sexuality e-course, Dr. Juli Slattery will coach you through the Rethinking Sexuality material. Watch her teach through each of the paradigm shifts to take you a step deeper in the material. You can complete this e-course at your own pace and will walk out with a complete understanding and practical knowledge of the Biblical narrative around sexuality.

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An Introduction to Rethinking Sexuality

Learn more about Juli's heart behind this book and how we see this as the driving force behind Authentic Intimacy.

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July 24th, 2018

Rethinking Sexuality Webinar: God's Design and Why It Matters

We believe every Christian needs to be equipped with a Biblical understanding of sexuality. Not just, "Don't do it until your married," but a full, practical, and Biblical narrative that we ‚Äčknow, live out, and teach others. Dr. Juli Slattery invites you to join her in a live webinar where she talks through this and begins to equip you to rethink sexuality.

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