Passion Pursuit

A Bible study unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever experienced!

It’s the Bible study called, Passion Pursuit: What Kind of Love Are You Making? This study uses both videos and a workbook to teach you about pursuing passion – sexual passion in marriage.

Did you know that God has an opinion about sex, your marriage, and your healing and redemption? Using Song of Solomon and Scripture throughout the Bible, you will discover answers to questions on topics as diverse as: what’s okay and not okay in the bedroom, temptation, forgiveness, a wife’s power, and how and why to pursue passion.

How It Works

Passion Pursuit is written for women who want to learn God’s Truth about sex. It’s designed to do in small groups, but it is possible to do on your own as well.

For each of the ten weeks, you will watch a 30-40 minute video of Juli & Linda teaching and then have 5 days of homework to complete in your workbook. Each group will need one woman to step up as the facilitator, but Juli & Linda will do all the teaching through the videos & workbook.

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What Do I Get?

Passion Pursuit is a 10-week video course for women taught by Linda Dillow and Dr. Juli Slattery.

Passion Pursuit is a video (DVD or digital) & workbook curriculum with a 30-40 minute video & five days of homework for each week, designed to take you into God’s Holy Word and apply the principles to your marriage.

The Workbook

The Videos

our leader’s guide

You’ll find all kinds of questions, tips and suggestions to make facilitating this study easy. If you have a question not answered in the leader’s guide, or you want to know how to get a Passion Pursuit study started, make sure you visit our Passion Pursuit FAQ!