God, Sex, and Your Marriage Curriculum

How you think about sex matters.

Each of us has a picture of what sex is supposed to look like. The picture often is shaped by culture, the Church, and your own personal experiences.

This 9-week workbook along with corresponding videos answers the question, “What is a healthy sex life supposed to look like?” You and your spouse may be surprised to learn that God’s Word has practical answers to that question!

The workbook is intended to be used along with Dr. Juli Slattery’s book God, Sex, and Your Marriage and her teaching videos. If you’re planning to do this study with your spouse, consider our Couples Bundle for a discount on the workbooks and videos.

Couples bundle

Couples bundle includes:

  • two God, Sex, and Your Marriage workbooks
  • nine 10-minute teaching videos by Dr. Juli Slattery
  • a digital conversation guide, “Let’s Talk About Sex”

Small group leader kit

Small group leader kit includes:

  • one God, Sex, and Your Marriage book
  • two God, Sex, and Your Marriage workbooks
  • nine 10-minute teaching videos by Dr. Juli Slattery
  • a digital facilitator’s guide
  • a digital conversation guide, “Let’s Talk About Sex”

Session Descriptions:

Session 1: What Does a Healthy Sex Life Look Like?
This session will focus on helping you identify how you’ve learned to think about sex. You will learn about how both the culture and simplistic religious teaching may have informed your view of sex in marriage. In your homework, you will discover with your spouse how your sexual narrative has set either a healthy or unhealthy perspective of your sexual relationship.
Session 2: Understanding God's Story of Sex
Most people don’t realize that the Bible actually provides a powerful story, or narrative, to help us understand the purpose of sex. In this session, you will learn that God created sexuality as a form of revelation. Through sexual intimacy in marriage, God teaches us about His covenant love. This truth will help you reframe how you define health and wholeness in your sexual relationship.
Session 3: Pursuing Sexual Integrity
In this session, you will learn what a mature, godly sex life is actually supposed to look like. Marriage, including the sexual relationship, is the call to nurture a covenant relationship that resembles God’s love for us. You will be challenged to consider what it means to invite God into your sex life and identify areas in which you desire to grow together.
Session 4: Pillar One | Faithfulness
In this session, you will learn about building the foundation of faithfulness in your sexual relationship. You will discover how God’s faithfulness to us is mirrored in the call to keep our vows of faithfulness to one another. You will also identify some practical ways to work on developing an environment of faithfulness and trust in your marriage.
Session 5: Pillar Two | Intimate Knowing
Sexual intimacy is more than what we do with our bodies. It provides an invitation to be known and loved. In this session, you will learn the difference between an emphasis on sexual activity vs. sexual intimacy. You will be challenged to identify specific ways that your current circumstances invite you into intimacy.
Session 6: Pillar Three | Sacrificial Love
Challenges like sexual incompatibility seem to be part of every sexual relationship. Why did God make this gift so difficult to enjoy? In this session, you will learn how God uses the challenges of sexual intimacy to develop within us an unselfish love. You will learn to apply the definition of 1 Corinthians 13 to your practical sexual challenges and disappointments.
Session 7: Pillar Four | Passionate Celebration
God created sexual intimacy with the capacity for great pleasure. This was His idea! While a great sex life includes more than sexual pleasure, it certainly doesn’t include less. In this session, you will learn about the beauty of building a passionate sex life together.
Session 8: Overcoming Barriers
In this session, you will learn to identify and address some of the most common barriers to sexual intimacy. Together, you will come up with a “next step plan” to pursue healing and redemption in your sexual relationship.
Bonus Session 9: Confronting Counterfeit Intimacy
The vast majority of couples today have been impacted by pornography. In this session, you and your spouse will learn about how pornography underlies trust and intimacy. You will also hear about some conversations and tools that can help you address porn use and the impact of porn within your marriage.
“While it’s tempting to seek a three-step solution to challenges of sex and marriage, true change happens when we invite God’s truths to permeate and change the foundation of our thoughts and identity. You cannot do sex differently until you learn to think about sex differently.”
Dr. Juli Slattery