Dr. Jennifer Degler: Sexuality for Wives

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Online Coaching Intensives are for women and men who are seeking help on a specific issue and are looking for their next step. 


Time and Dates: Mondays, 1-2:15 p.m. ET,  Feb. 19 – March 25 (6 weeks) and a bonus week on April 22

Cost: $400

Description: Taught live by psychologist Dr. Jennifer Degler, this 7 week master class is for wives who want a deep dive into understanding and embracing their sexuality. In this fast-paced, entertaining, and practical class, Dr. Jennifer will have you laughing while you learn how to:

  • Make sex feel good
  • Connect emotionally and sexually with your husband
  • Cultivate healthy, biblical sexual attitudes 
  • Embrace pleasure and fun in your married sex life
  • Appreciate your body at every age and stage


Deadline to apply is Feb. 15. After this date you will be notified if you were selected or not.

Online Coaching Intensive Outline

Week 1: What Every Woman Needs to Know About Female Sexuality

  • The “Big Lie” wives believe about themselves sexually
  • Navigating the conflicting messages of “be a good girl” and “be a hot girl”
  • How male patterned sexuality influences how women measure their female sexuality
  • How to be a compassionate friend to your sexual self during this 6-week master class
  • God’s high view of your sexuality 
  • Q and A

Week 2: How to Make Sex Feel Good

  • Understanding how your female genitalia work together to create sexual pleasure 
  • Orgasms 101
  • Identifying and fixing what is making your body less sexually responsive (e.g., lack of energy and sleep, stress, medications, sexual pain)
  • How to rev up your sex drive and your body’s sexual response
Week 3: How to Connect Emotionally and Sexually with Your Husband

  • Understanding male/female differences
  • Identifying what is damaging connection in your marriage
  • How to increase emotional and sexual connection
  • Tips for talking about sex without getting into an argument
  • What to do if he’s not interested in sex

Week 4: How to Think Positively About Sex

  • Understanding the awesome power of your sexual attitudes
  • Uncovering “stinking thinking” you may have about sex
  • How to quit settling for “it was good for him”
  • Taking responsibility for your own sexual pleasure
  • How to be as enthusiastic about married sex as God is (He’s a fan!)
  • Q and A
Week 5: How to Appreciate Your Body at Every Age

  • Understanding how body acceptance impacts sex
  • How to cultivate a positive body image
  • Foods, supplements, and exercises to enhance female sexuality
  • How to make peace with your hormones and menstrual cycle
  • Tips for sex after 50

Week 6: How to Embrace Pleasure and Make Sex Fun

  • Understanding why God created sex to be pleasurable
  • How to overcome barriers to pleasure
  • Having sex vs. pleasuring each other
  • Reclaiming eroticism in a God-honoring way (yes, we’ll discuss vibrators and sex toys)
  • Tips for maximizing pleasure and fun 
  • Encouragement for the journey ahead
  • Q and A

Week 7: Follow-up

Learn from an Expert

Connect with Others in Similar Situations

Gather Resources

Online Coaching Intensives Details

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  • PDF of resources from the expert
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  • Private online group
  • 11 people max, 8 people minimum
  • Available to anyone over the age of 18
  • Authentic Intimacy is committed to creating an environment where people can grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and pursue wholeness and healing. To keep this God-honoring space safe and welcoming to our community, Authentic Intimacy, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel a membership or remove someone from a group if they exhibit behavior or language deemed inappropriate.
  • Price: $350-$450 per person
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  • Sales of Online Coaching
    Intensives are final and not refundable unless the group does not reach the minimum number of participants.

What others are saying:

Dr. Jennifer’s teaching was the most valuable. She is hilarious and relatable and so very kind. I really appreciated her teaching and overall demeanor. The safety and sharing of the group was helpful. I loved her comfortable way of talking about sex and making it feel like everyday talk, her copious information on each subject, and her love for the Lord and desire to lead other women in deepening their understanding of their bodies and relationships with their husbands. This class changed me and my understanding of my sexuality.  

Having the conversation about sex with likeminded women is powerful. For me, Sex is a difficult topic, the Lord showed me-through Jennifer’s leadership the immense value of directing my attention to sex. I married a good and godly man, and I still find it easy to hold on to my resentments-instead of facing them and then releasing them. Resentment-resistance-revenge is so subtle, this course brought me back to the gift of sex, the gift of a spouse and the privilege and thrill it is to have a vibrant sex life. As we are getting older, it’s critical for he and I to be more loving to each other. 

All of the content was incredibly helpful. For myself personally, changing my thinking toward my sexuality and changing my thinking toward my husband regarding our sexuality was great! The best part: the teaching and being part of a community of women who discussed the topic.

Having a safe place to talk about things and hear that others feel the same way was very empowering. I loved hearing other women’s stories. It was so helpful to know you are not broken and not alone. I think Jennifer did outstanding job teaching as well as navigating us all as we shared our thougths.