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Why Age Doesn’t Always Lead to Wisdom

With each birthday celebration, I have friends and relatives who console each other by saying something like, “At least we are getting wiser!” There is an old adage that with age comes wisdom. Without a doubt, the longer we live on the planet, the more we have seen and experienced. It’s tempting to look at younger generations with a knowing smile that says, “You’re...

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When Cancel Culture Invades the Church

Your social media feed is probably filled with examples of the latest person who has been “cancelled” because of something they said years ago or an unpopular position they recently expressed. Being cancelled is a weapon powerful enough to prompt teens to take their own lives and to silence men and women on issues that truly matter to them. Everything that happens within the larger ...

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Q&A: How Do I Keep My Opposite-Sex Friendships and Still Honor a New Dating Relationship?

Dear Juli, I am in a relationship with a great guy, and I also have some meaningful friendships with other Christian men. How do I honor both kinds of relationships as they coexist? What does this look like in the context of dating? In marriage? Opposite-sex friendships are important and valuable! In a sexualized culture, and in our churches, these relationships can quickly become complicate...

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Q&A: How Can God Be Good if I Can't Overcome My Porn Addiction?

Today's question comes from a woman who attended our webinar, "How Can God Be Good If...?" How can God be good if I’ve tried my best to stop looking at porn and it doesn’t seem that He’s helping me or taking those desires away from me? With compassionate understanding, Jonathan Daugherty shares three thoughts to help you navigate this candid question. Jo...

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Q&A: After Emotional Abuse in Marriage, Can Sex Play a Role in Our Healing As a Couple?

This question comes from a wife: "My husband and I have been working through the emotional abuse and are really establishing some good patterns in our marriage right now. Can our sex life play a role in our healing?"

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Q&A: I'm Single and In My Late 40s—Do I Still Have to Save Sex for Marriage?

This important question comes from a reader: "I'm single and in my late 40s—do I still have to save sex for marriage?"

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Q&A: How Do I Connect With My Emotionally Disconnected Husband?

Dear Juli, My husband seems to have very little emotional awareness or energy. He avoids sex when he is emotionally drained, which seems often. I feel resentful that he doesn't save anything for me. When I share how I'm feeling, it just creates a bigger divide. How can I approach this issue more constructively? Are you trying to connect with a disconnected husband? Juli has wisdo...

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Q&A: What If I'm Not Sexually Attracted to the Person I'm With?

There's a question that keeps popping up in our inbox: What if I'm not sexually attracted to the person I'm with? Physical and sexual attraction wane over time. Physical and sexual intimacy can grow over time. In light of this, Dr. Juli Slattery shares her thoughts on the importance of physical attraction, yet how focusing too much on our feelings can detract from the intimacy t...

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Q&A: Don't "Play Marriage" While Dating

In a dating relationship, how soon is too soon… - to share your past? - to pray alone together? - to share your hopes or fears? With so many ways to connect, emotional intimacy in dating can easily outpace commitment. In this video, Juli shares a few safeguards to help you set a healthy pace to becoming intimate as a couple. Other resources you may like: Sexual ...

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Q&A: What Is a Better Way to Approach the Statement, "Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin"?

"With friends and family who are homosexual, the Christian narrative tends to be ‘love the sinner hate the sin.’ But when someone's identity is so interwoven with their sexual orientation, this message doesn't work. Can you share a better way of thinking this through?" We’ve all heard someone say it: Love the sinner, hate the sin. But is it kind? Is it eve...

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