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Does Your Husband Need Sex?

Until recently, it has been part of the Christian marriage narrative that men need sex. Christian marriage books over the decades have repeatedly claimed that sex is a primary need for guys in marriage. In many marriages (but not all), husbands would eagerly nod their heads in agreement. That assumption has now been challenged for a few key reasons. First, more women are speaking out about ...

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Why Is Healing So Hard?

Tina and I met together for counseling several years ago to work through some traumatic experiences from her past. A year after our work together was done, Tina came in for a “check up.” She shared with me that within that year, she had undergone surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for breast cancer. What she said next shocked me. Counseling was more painful than what I have bee...

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What Are Practical Ways To Teach Children About Healthy Sexuality?

What Are Practical Ways To Teach Children About Healthy Sexuality? For more on this topic, check out our Discipling the Next Generation resource page.

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How Do I Know He’s “The One”?

Q: Is there one person I'm meant to marry, or should I just choose a good man? A: This question isn't simply a contemplative exercise; it impacts how you approach dating and marriage. However, I think it is the wrong question to be asking. The question of "Is there one guy I'm supposed to marry?" is fundamentally based on fear. You've likely seen marriages break...

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How Do I Keep My Desire To Be Loved and Embrace My Sexuality Healthy?

How Do I Keep My Desire To Be Loved and Embrace My Sexuality Healthy? *For additional resources, check out our Single & Sexually Whole page.

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Three Things To Remember About Sexual Sin & Grace

In the midst of my guilt and shame, frustration filled my mind. “I can’t believe I sinned… again. Does God hate me for my addiction? Will I ever find freedom?” Countless men and women I’ve talked to have asked similar questions. What are you supposed to do when you keep messing up? If you are struggling with sexual sin today, I’ve been in your shoes. I st...

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When You're Attracted to Someone Who's Not Your Spouse

The stereotype of an adulterous affair in marriage has typically been the picture of a cheating husband. The man has a one-night stand on a business trip or falls in love with his secretary. I guess it never occurred to us that for every cheating man, there must also be a cheating woman. (Presione aquí para leer en español). Relationship expert Bonnie Eaker Weil reported on AB...

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Q&A: When I Don't Feel Desire, Is "Duty Sex" OK?

Getting stuck in a cycle of "duty sex" will sabotage true intimacy. Learn how to change that pattern and deepen your relationship. Here are a few resources to get you started: God, Sex, & Your Marriage by Dr. Juli Slattery Java #419: Why Sexual Intimacy is About So Much More Than Just Having Sex Passion Pursuit by Dr. Juli Slattery and Linda Dillow Join Dr. Juli Sla...

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Predictability and Passion Can Improve a Boring Sex Life

If you are married, there is a very good chance that you and your spouse have different sexual appetites. This not only applies to how often you want to have sex, but also to how adventurous you would each like to be in the bedroom. A healthy sex life has aspects of both routine and adventure: If a couple builds sexual excitement by always searching for that next new experience, sex becomes...

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Q&A: Does a "Quickie" Count as Sexual Intimacy?

Aren't quickies all about sexual activity and not sexual intimacy? Fast-paced encounters may feel at odds with the patient, intentional moments that build sexual intimacy, but even quickies have a place in healthy sexuality. Here, Juli explains why. This question came up during our "'God, Sex, and Your Marriage' Live Q&A." Grab your own copy of the book to lear...

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