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Why We Don’t Experience Victory

I recently spoke with a young woman who despises herself because of her continual struggle with lust and pornography. She’s tried to obey God and run away from sin only to find herself falling into it once again. I’ve met others who feel similar discouragement in their marriage or on their healing journey. Why do followers of Jesus stay captive to sin? Why doesn’t God fix b...

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Help! How Much Sex is "Normal" for Married Couples?

It isn’t uncommon for us to receive questions from married couples asking about a normal frequency for sex. Should they have sex once a week, twice a week, or every day?! We understand that it can be challenging for two people with different levels of desire for sex to find a sexual rhythm and routine that works for both of them, but instead of asking, “What is normal?” try as...

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What Do I Do With My Sexual Desires?

“What do I do with my sexual desire?” I’ve heard this question from men and women of every age, from those who have never married and from those who find themselves “single again.” I have also heard this question from married people who, for one reason or another, do not feel sexually satisfied within marriage. (Presione aquí para leer en español). ...

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What Defines an Intimate Relationship?

A few years ago, I was speaking at a college campus about God’s design for sexuality. During a break, a young woman approached me with a question, “You said that God created me for intimacy. Isn’t intimacy the same thing as having sex?” (Presione aquí para leer en español) This brave woman articulated a confusion that I believe many experience. Intima...

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What If I Want Sex More Than My Husband Does?

I get asked this a lot. A woman often sheepishly approaches me at an event and says, “I’m one of those women you talked about who has a higher sex drive than my husband. What should I do?” Because women in this situation defy the stereotype, they sometimes feel shame and inadequacy. I must not be pretty or sexy enough. Is there something wrong with me? For many women, the ...


Your 5 Favorite Java with Juli Episodes of 2022

Your Favorite Java with Juli Episodes of 2022 Thank you for being part of the Authentic Intimacy community! One way we engage with you is by watching what content you are most excited about. As we close 2022, here are the 5 most listened to podcast episodes of the year. We continue to pray for God’s wisdom and direction as we begin the 2023 Java with Juli season. 1. #262: Expe...

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Finding Jesus on Christmas

True confessions... I don't love Christmas. I didn't say I hate Christmas; I just don't love it. My ambivalence around this holiday has developed over time. Too many years of disappointment when a family member's illness cancelled our celebration and all the best gifts broke before New Years. The busyness, the hype, and the commercialism inevitably promises something it can neve...

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Does Your Husband Need Sex?

Until recently, it has been part of the Christian marriage narrative that men need sex. Christian marriage books over the decades have repeatedly claimed that sex is a primary need for guys in marriage. In many marriages (but not all), husbands would eagerly nod their heads in agreement. That assumption has now been challenged for a few key reasons. First, more women are speaking out about ...

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Why Is Healing So Hard?

(Presione aquí para leer en español) Tina and I met together for counseling several years ago to work through some traumatic experiences from her past. A year after our work together was done, Tina came in for a “check up.” She shared with me that within that year, she had undergone surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for breast cancer. What she said next shocked m...

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Q&A: What Are Practical Ways To Teach Children About Healthy Sexuality?

What Are Practical Ways To Teach Children About Healthy Sexuality? For more on this topic, check out our Discipling the Next Generation resource page.

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