About Joy Skarka

Joy Skarka

Joy Skarka is passionate about creating spaces to free women from shame. Joy earned her undergraduate degree at the University of South Florida, a Master of Arts degree from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS), and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Educational Ministries degree from DTS studying how women find freedom from sexual shame.

One word to describe Joy’s story is freedom. It was in college that God saved Joy by his grace, and she began to experience freedom. Jesus healed Joy from the heartaches of sexual abuse and the pains of sexual addiction. Because of her story, she hopes to always write and speak authentically. 

While in college she began writing, speaking, and leading online small groups with the goal of helping other women experience this same freedom. In 2020, Joy transitioned from her ministry to serve as the Director of Discipleship for Authentic Intimacy. Joy married her husband Zack in 2017, and they live in Florida.