About Passion Pursuit

It's here, and it's like NOTHING you've ever experienced!  It's the DVD study called, Passion Pursuit: What Kind of Love Are You Making?  This is a Bible study about pursuing passion – sexual passion in marriage. Did you know that God has an opinion about sex, about your marriage and about your healing and redemption?

Passion Pursuit is a 10-week DVD course for women taught by Linda Dillow and Dr. Juli Slattery. It includes a workbook with five days of homework for each week, designed to take you into God’s Holy Word and apply the principles to your marriage.

We have seen women’s lives transformed through the pilot study and filming. Here is what a few of them say about the Passion Pursuit experience:

Life-changing and marriage changing. Very challenging but well worth the effort. You get out what you put into it. Be prepared to change!

Extremely challenging. Worth the investment of time and energy. Deeply painful, yet hopeful.

This study has changed my marital life for the better. My husband and my relationship has grown, communication is better, intimacy has changed the way we do things. I love the part of the study about fighting sexual temptation together… before I felt it was him against me. I would recommend this to any married woman.

I understand my husband a lot better and especially accepting what the Scriptures say about sex has made our intimacy 10X greater than it was.

I understand God’s perspective so much better. It has helped me understand my husband better, appreciate him more, and make him and intimacy in particular, a priority. The Holy Spirit has used the study to gently reveal areas of sin in my life and in my marriage and has helped me to change. Thank you so much for our commitment to us and to our marriages!

…a great marriage enrichment opportunity. Attending Passion Pursuit is the best gift you can give your husband.

Wonderful study that dispels most of your pre-conceived thoughts on sex in marriage.

Passion Pursuit gave me insight and encouragement to stop holding back who I was really created to be—a Smokin’ Hot Mama!

Passion Pursuit does a beautiful job of tackling a difficult and often taboo subject and makes it understandable.

Passion Pursuit has given the term intimacy a whole new meaning. It is more than physical sex—way more. It has brought freedom from inhibitions and shame. 
Delicate content was so well-handled—with sensitivity yet honesty, which is so needed.

I can’t wait to offer this study to the ladies at my church!

What People Say

When we speak, we hear from women of all ages who say, "I wish I had known this sooner!" If you're contemplating bringing a study to your church, or joining a study --  here is what ministry leaders, and women who've attended our events have shared about Linda and Juli, Passion Pursuit, and Authentic Intimacy.