Can Prince Charming Carry Handcuffs?

by Dr Juli Slattery

I was recently doing a radio interview with a male talk show host about the Fifty Shades of Grey hoopla. “Let me get this straight. A man […]

Confessions of a Former Erotica Author

By Francine Rivers

I had the opportunity to have coffee with Francine Rivers, bestselling author of Redeeming Love. Francine used to write erotic historical […]

No Java For Juli

by Dr Juli Slattery

For the past few weeks, I’ve been on “The Daniel Fast.” No butter, cheese, meat, fish, sugar, bread, etc… But the big challenge is NO COF […]

Working with Women in Prostitution

by Becky Moreland

Prostitution is often said to be one the world’s oldest professions. In reality it is one of the world’s oldest oppressions. Did you know t […]

The Death of Romance

by Dr Juli Slattery

Life is filled with grave disappointments. One of my favorite comedians is accused of tragic sexual violations. A pastor I greatly admire […]

Why I’m Celebrating a Secular Christmas

by Dr Juli Slattery

I can’t decide whether I’m looking forward to Christmas or dreading it. The parties, excitement, decorations, music and family gatherings […]

Sharing my Life with God

by Hannah Nitz

God is always there, waiting for me to draw close. Today, I realized how amazing and real that is.

Everyday I sift through emails that come […]

Who wants to ask Dangerous Questions?

by Linda Dillow

What woman in her right mind would write a book called, “What’s it Like to be Married to Me?” That would be me. I watched one wife throw the […]

Marriage Advice in Three Words

by Linda Dillow

Today is our 50th wedding anniversary. I remember when couples married that long seemed very old, yet my husband Jody and I don’t feel 50 mar […]

Stop Being Thankful for Turkey

by Dr Juli Slattery

“What are you grateful for?” It’s a question we will ask our children and perhaps ourselves this Thanksgiving. Although Thanksgiving is a […]

Help! I’m Tempted!

by Dr Juli Slattery

I am tempted every day. As I’m flying home from a speaking event, my thoughts want to drift to unhealthy places – either taking credit fo […]

A Generous or Selfish Lover

By Dr Juli Slattery

As women, we typically view sex as a way of expressing the love and intimacy we feel in our hearts. It’s definitely a challenge to be sex […]

Hidden Power of Submission

by Dr Juli Slattery

If you want to start a hot conversation among Christian women, bring up the word submission. You will likely hear heated opinions about w […]

Sex Isn’t Just About Sex

By Dr Juli Slattery

I was recently sharing with a friend about some of the work we do at Authentic Intimacy. She surprised me by the candor of her candid res […]

Fighting Temptation with an Emergency Friend

by: Chelsey Nugteren

We are in the middle of an online Passion Pursuit Bible Study. This blog is talking about chapter 7! Each week, Chelsey is sharing what […]