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Who are these events for?

Authentic Intimacy’s events are for churches, leaders, women’s groups, communities, and ministries that want to learn God’s truth about sexuality. The Authentic Intimacy team will work with you to build an event that fits your church’s needs and demographics.

Whether you are married or single, 18 or 80, having great sex or no sex, your sexuality is inseparable from your spirituality. Our desire is for every Christian to understand the bigger picture of God’s heart for sexuality and to create a safe place to ask difficult questions about sexual issues.

Why is this important?

In every Christian community, men and women carry secret questions and struggles about sexuality. The virtual silence on the subject of sex reinforces the belief that God doesn’t care about critical issues like sexual abuse, pornography, sexual problems in marriage, and sexual identity. Sexual issues are also spiritual issues, challenging  our faith in God’s love and trustworthiness. We want to equip the Church to reclaim God’s design for sexuality. An Authentic Intimacy event is a great way to start this conversation! Learn more about what we believe here.

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The understanding that sexuality was created intentionally by God to point us to him was groundbreaking for me. This event finally opened my eyes to the biblical narrative of sexuality and helped me see how in different phases of my life I had greatly distorted understandings of sexuality in my life and how that had limited my spiritual growth, kept me stuck in the past, and prevented me from moving forward in my faith.

"Rethinking Sexuality" conference attendee

I had to drag my husband to the Authentic Intimacy event, but as soon as we walked out he wouldn’t stop talking about it. If every church was bold enough to bring Juli in and teach on sexuality, marriages would be saved and Christians would be more whole. I can’t recommend Authentic Intimacy enough.

"God, Sex, & Your Marriage" conference attendee