At Authentic Intimacy®, we are passionate about reclaiming God's design for sexuality. One way we do that is through our events. We now offer the option of digital events to minister to your community virtually in place of an in-person conference. 


Our digital events provide an opportunity for your ministry to hold an online conference via Zoom to bring the message of God’s design for sexuality to your community right where they are. Our digital events include live teaching as well as an interactive Q&A session. We offer women's, whole church, student, marriage, and leader events. (See below for event options.)


Authentic Intimacy's events are for churches, leaders, women's groups, communities, and ministries that want to learn God's Truth, design, and answers around sexuality. We will work with you to build an event that fits your church's needs and demographics.

For the past four years, all of our events have been for women. However, starting in 2017, we are now also offering events for men and women. Our desire is for every Christian to understand the importance of sexual discipleship, and we know our events are a step toward men and women being able to understand and apply God's Truth.


In every Christian community, men and women carry secret questions and struggles about sexuality. The virtual silence on the subject of sex reinforces the belief that God doesn’t care about critical issues like sexual abuse, pornography, sexual problems in marriage, and sexual identity. Sexual issues are also spiritual issues, challenging  our faith in God's love and trustworthiness. At Authentic Intimacy, we want to equip the Church to reclaim God's design for sexuality. We are asking the Christian Church to take a stand and boldly proclaim God's Truth on sexuality. We believe sexuality is a holy metaphor to our relationship with Christ, and it must be addressed in every single church. An Authentic Intimacy event is a great way to start this conversation! Learn more about what we believe here.

Interested in bringing Authentic Intimacy to your community for a digital event? Fill out this form, and we will get back with you!

Women's Events

  • Questions Women Have About Sexuality
  • Surprised by the Healer
  • Hiding in God
  • Overcoming Sexual Shame (teaching by Joy Skarka)
  • Freedom from Pornography (teaching by Joy Skarka)

Whole Church or Student Events

  • Rethinking Sexuality
  • Why God Cares About Sex
  • Questions You Have About Sexuality
  • Sex Talk for Students (teaching by Joy Skarka)

Marriage Events

  • Date Night
  • God, Sex, and Your Marriage

Leader Events

  • Sexual Discipleship™ Digital Training
  • Sexual Discipleship™ Digital Consultation
  • How to Minister to Women Addicted to Porn (teaching by Joy Skarka)