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by Juli Slattery


Kavanaugh: The Issues Beneath the Debate

Like most of America, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what’s in the news: Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey-Ford. Regardless of the outcome, this story is tragic. Either a victimized woman has been retraumatized by this ordeal, or an innocent man has been slandered. Only God discerns the heart of each person. None of us will ever know what occurred thirty-five years ago among teenagers. Nor will we ever be appraised of the postulating and manipulation that is now happening in the corridors of our nation’s capital.

I’ve thought and prayed about whether to respond to these events. Authentic Intimacy is not a political organization. It is a ministry dedicated to bringing truth and healing related to topics of intimacy and sexuality. The Kavanaugh story involves sexuality and brokenness, and we desperately need God’s perspective amid the news stories and endless opinions. This blog is not intended to make a political statement or to guess who is telling the truth within the current debate. Instead, it is a reflection on how broken our culture truly is. This latest act of the #metoo movement reveals deeply rooted problems within our culture that we have consistently seen yet rarely discussed.

Sexuality will always be linked to morality. Solomon wrote, “Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?” This applies to individuals but also to a larger culture.  We cannot continually ignore God’s design for sexuality without creating a destructive sexual environment. We send mixed messages to teens and young adults by celebrating sexual freedom with one breath and condemning its inevitable fallout with the next.

Pornography is a prime example of this. Research consistently links pornography use with beliefs that sexual violence is normal and that women really want to be coerced into sex. Yet where is the outcry against the multi-million dollar companies that intentionally hook boys and men on material that promotes the victimization of women?

And how is it that the same liberal professors who champion co-ed dorms, sexual experimentation, and college “sex week” are surprised when women end up being victimized? No matter how hard we may try to convince ourselves that sex can be casual and “no strings attached,” sexuality can never be amoral. God created it to be deeply spiritual and intrinsically tied with our moral sense of right and wrong. Channeling our sexuality according to our Creator’s intentional design is a morally good thing. Allowing ourselves to experiment sexually based on our own desires is an evil thing. It’s called sin, and sin has consequences.

Encouraging teenagers or college students to do stupid things, in 1980 or today, is dangerous. Countless teens and young adults mix alcohol and sex and hook up at parties believing this behavior to be normal and even expected as a rite of passage. Human beings need to be taught self-control and to respect the authority of their Creator -- not encouraged to experiment based on their natural desires. People are not objects on a computer screen nor in person. Life is not a video game with a reset button. Our choices, including sexual choices, have real consequences.

The end never justifies the means. The double tragedy of the Kavanaugh debate is that truth for many is secondary to the political outcome. This Supreme Court nomination is critical to issues like abortion, religious freedom, immigration and other issues over which the nation is deeply divided. Because of that, most people have a preconceived idea of what is true (or what they want to be true) about what really happened between Kavanaugh and Blasey. Many Democrats are willing to see a potentially innocent man’s career destroyed to achieve their agenda. Likewise, many Republicans refuse to believe Blasey’s allegations simply because of their political consequences. While this drama is extremely consequential, similar thinking permeates many incidents of sexual exploitation.

How many women (and male victims of sexual abuse) stay quiet because they won’t be believed? Once they speak, how many are muted because their accusations disrupt the “greater good” in families, churches, and athletic programs? Our pursuit of the truth typically ends when it costs us the status quo. We refuse to even consider claims of wrongdoing when to do so calls into question a respected leader or disrupts an established system.

Without a doubt, there are those who make false accusations of sexual misconduct specifically to ruin the reputation of leaders. In Proverbs 6:19, God actually lists this as one of the seven things He hates! The Bible tells us to guard against false accusations by requiring that there always be more than one witness before we consider a complaint against a leader (I Timothy 5:19).  A false accusation is evil and must be confronted just as judiciously as sexual exploitation.

The bottom line is this: we must be willing to disrupt our timeline, our agendas, and our lives in order to discern truth.

Character matters. People matter. Justice matters. Lives and reputations should not be bargained away for the greater cause.

Many leaders throughout history have acknowledged that “All progress begins by telling the truth.” The truth isn’t found on CNN or FOX News. The truth is found in Jesus Christ. He came to earth to die for the victimized and the sinner alike. No Supreme Court Justice or President will bring the healing America desperately needs. As long as sinful men and women continue to ignore their Creator and Savior, we can expect more pain, more chaos, and more #metoo headlines. It’s time to turn off the news and get on our knees.

Pray that God would use the current circumstances to bring truth to light.

Pray that God would set the captives free - both those engaged in sexual immorality and those harmed by it.

Pray that the pain over #metoo would be a wakeup call for revival.

Pray that God will equip His Bride to be light in a very dark world.

I will look to the mountains – where does my help come from? My helps comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. Psalm 121:1.

Want to learn more? Listen to our Java with Juli podcasts: "We Are All Sexually Broken" and "Why God Created You To Be Sexual." You can also read Juli's blog "Healing After #metoo."


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  • Don


    This article & listened to the related podcast as well as the interview with Boz T. An under served population is the parents of sexual assault victims, especially those of children assaulted in the church. I am such a father and struggle to resolve the church's response to our daughter's rape. From under the bus, Don
  • Ashley Haig

    Ashley Haig

    I'm sorry, I just want to be clear on your argument here. Are you suggesting that sexual violence or exploitation is a punishment from God for a women's choice to be sexually active/experiment sexually?
  • Juli Slattery

    Juli Slattery

    Ashely, I'm so glad you asked this clarifying question! No I am not at all suggesting that sexual assault/exploitation is punishment for anything a woman has every done. What I am saying is that a culture that takes away any moral restraint in regards to our sexual expression is setting up an environment that will lead to more exploitation. When kids/teens grow up thinking "I can have anything I desire sexually" they don't learn the self control required to respect boundaries. They approach sexuality with a selfish and cavalier perspective.




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