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#224: Sexuality & Surrender

Laurie daily submits her same-sex sexuality to the Lordship of Christ while married to her best friend, Matt.  Matt daily submits his broken heterosexual sexuality to the Lordship of Christ while married to his best friend, Laurie. On this Java with Juli, Juli sits down with Matt & Laurie Krieg to hear what they've learned about surrender and sexuality in their marriage.

Guests: Matt & Laurie Krieg



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  • Geri Jones

    Geri Jones

    When you leave an abusive marriage, you still mourn the good memories of the man you were married to. You know the Lord wants you leave this relationship, but afterwards you mourn and sometimes wish to reach out to the man. Thank you Lord you stopped me from this. It gave me 8 years to heal.
  • Naomi Anderton

    Naomi Anderton

    Thank you for this podcast. I have been waiting for information like this for so long. I know several couples that are in "mixed orientation" marriages trusting God with their sexuality. The frustration is at how little information, help and teaching there is for Christians who are attracted to the same sex and yet are heterosexually married. Thank you for starting to fill that gap!




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