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#220: Rethinking Sexuality In Your Parenting

If you don’t teach your children about sex, someone else will.  Listen in as Juli shares the resources you must have that tell you everything you need to know as you teach your children about sex…  just kidding, those don’t exist.  Instead, join us for a conversation that will leave you better equipped to answer your children’s questions and teach them about God’s design and purpose for their sexuality. 

Guest: Hannah Nitz

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  • Christine Young

    Christine Young

    Thank you for this podcast. I am one of those moms who tried to do everything right in raising my son & failed. Now we are seeing him come back to church, not ours but a Bible teaching church, with his girlfriend. They are both going through divorces & now she is pregnant. My husband & I were called in to talk with our pastor about it. He thought we should kick him out of our house but we don't feel that would be right after all God loves us unconditionally & He gave us this son to show him His love. Parenting is tough but I have loved seeing what God can do & am looking forward to seeing Him work in our sons life.




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