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#217: Finding Hope After Betrayal

The man who vowed to love, cherish and protect you is cheating, lying and hiding. Now what? In this episode, Dr. Juli Slattery is joined by two women who have been there, and they have some profound wisdom and good news for you. Pull up a chair and join us for rich conversation and bold truth on Java with Juli.

Guests: Meg Wilson & Lynn Marie Cherry

Learn more about the Wives Care group at Be Broken Ministries.

Also check out Healing Hope groups through Meg Wilson’s organization, Hope After Betrayal.


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  • Bethany Scarpitti

    Bethany Scarpitti

    "A survivor mentality wasn't much different from a victim mentality because it still kept me connected to the pain." Wow. So much poignant truth to chew on!
  • Dawnielle Alden

    Dawnielle Alden

    Thank you for this podcast. Still chewing on "A survivor mentality wasn't much different from a victim mentality because it still kept ,e connected to the pain." A very poignant point to pray on. Betrayal is so very brutal.
  • Trina Bailey

    Trina Bailey

    While I get what Meg & Lynn were saying about “all sin cost Jesus His Life” I don’t agree with there attitudes. This sin is STILL costing lives. It’s killing innocent children because they’re fathers are too self piteous to get the help they need. It’s killing the heart of precious daughters of Christ who only wanted to feel loved and treasured, it’s killing families formed from God’s own bosom, it’s killing Churches who are supposed to be a light shining through the darkness, and it’s killing communities which each of us need to feel safe to thrive...the roots of sexual sin may have started when these men were younger and sad, but the real tragedy is how they continue to feed it. I know they didn’t know any other way, but if I run you over with a’re still flattened whether I meant to or it was an accident. They are not victims Anymore. They are now Perpetrators. Those whom they flatten while driving the bus to their drug of choice are the True Victims. Men who refuse to get help will care less that you give them this pat on the back. They turn your pearls back at you and trample them to dust at your feet. These addicts are sick and smart. I’ve seen too many women be told that their sin is just as bad as their husbands and I Disagree. Jesus would, too.
  • Laura Dunkerton

    Laura Dunkerton

    Such a great podcast. I love Meg Wilson - her book helped me get through my betrayal, it was so helpful and I am forever thankful that the Lord led me to her book. After hearing Lynn I need to look into her book! I've been on this journey for 8 years now with still relapses every couple of months. I need the continual reminder of hope - hope in the Lord. Thank you!
  • Vickie Bale

    Vickie Bale

    My husband and I minister to couples that are going through these type of circumstances. We will use this as a resource to share with them so thank you. If we win the book, it will go in our resource room and loan it out to others that need it.
  • Authentic Intimacy

    Authentic Intimacy

    Thanks to everyone for your comments! Congratulations Bethany Scarpitti on winning a copy of Lynn's book Keep Walking: 40 Days to Hope and Freedom After Betrayal!
  • Abby Schumacher

    Abby Schumacher

    Thankful for these women for sharing their stories. In the wake of discovering my husband's betrayal I scoured the internet for similar stories and a guidebook on what to do. Wish I had known about this podcast and Lynn and Meg's books then




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