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#216: BONUS! Do You Have an Agenda?

Relationships are tricky. Loving others well takes intentionality. It’s hard to watch our friends, co-workers, or kids make sexual choices that we feel are wrong.  On this Java with Juli, Juli and Hannah discuss the differences between having our own agenda for those we love and loving them the way God calls us to.   You’ll also get an update on the new things happening at Authentic Intimacy. Join us!

Guest: Hannah Nitz

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  • Marie Shoup

    Marie Shoup

    I hear this question "Do you have an agenda?" and God keeps pricking my heart to say I want you to hear this yet again. He is right, I need to hear this over and over again, especially related to my daughter. I don't want to go there and I pray for God's wisdom. He gave me another nugget of wisdom after hearing this topic yet again. Thank you for continuing to share this! I look forward to the day when I won't feel that "prick as often" knowing I am loving missionally and not with an agenda.
  • Dayna Martin

    Dayna Martin

    Thank you for this Bonus episode. It was such a helpful question for me! It reminds me of one of my favorite novels, Hannah Coulter. So much of her thoughts were of keeping her hands open in thankfulness without expectation of those around her. I want to be like that, engaging in missionional living with love for the person but without an agenda for them. I think I can have hopes though??




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