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Bonus Episode! #206: Rebel Parenting

Ryan Dobson admits he was a rebellious kid. These days, as a husband and father, he’s a different kind of rebel.  On this Father’s Day episode of Java with Juli, Juli sits down with Ryan & Laura Dobson, co-founders of Rebel Parenting.  Join us as Ryan also shares how past experiences with his famous father influence his (rebellious) parenting today.


Guests: Ryan & Laura Dobson


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  • Naomi Anderton

    Naomi Anderton

    Thank you for this interview. My sister stopped listening to all focus on the family things because she heard rumors about Dr. Dobson having an unloving response to his son's divorce. Now I know the truth, which is always better than wondering about lingering rumors. It also was a great example to me of good sensible thinking about caring for those going through a divorce. I think we need more Christian advice about how to care for those going through a divorce in biblical, healthy, practical and loving ways.




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