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#212: Female Friendships Are Complicated

Has a friend ever told you she needs a break from you?  Do you make friends fast and lose them quickly? It’s no secret that women enjoy being with other women—it’s how we are designed!  But what do healthy female friendships look like? Join us as Juli and her friends tackle tough questions about intimacy and codependency in female friendships.


Guests: Dr. Deb Gorton & Laurie Krieg


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  • Melissa DeVore

    Melissa DeVore

    Love this!!! Great conversation. Ideas I hadn't thought of. Hope to bring healing to some relationships I've broken due to my unhealthy dependency on them. Thank all for being so open. Refreshing!
  • Maggie Beckjord

    Maggie Beckjord

    Unmet emotional needs ... Excellent, fully Multi-faceted talk.
  • Mallory Watson

    Mallory Watson

    This was my introductory to Java with Juli. I was hooked and knew it was good when in the first 5 minutes I was on the floor weeping because of the dry riverbed that the silence on this topic has created. The raw vulnerability cracked wide open the wound, infected and crusty, and poured sweet healing water in, cleaning and drawing infection out. This began a reventuring out to find healing and continued listening is like a healing balm to a wound so deep. My struggle was in a secret homosexual relationship, very codependent, and though I have an amazing supportive community of believers surrounding me as I heal, the lack of deep understanding from them in this topic left me closed up and unwilling to share the scars and fears. This has become a tool to learn how to articulate the struggles in a way that my “very straight” friends can understand. Not to mention hope that a life of healing and purpose belongs to a life submitted to God. I can say from personal experience that freedom, complete freedom, awaits for those who give this burden to Jesus. Difficult to get there but freedom is REALITY.




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