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#209: Tradition, Teaching & Women In the Church

Beth Moore recently blogged “A Letter to My Brothers” and flung open the doors to a discussion about women, teaching, and misogyny in the church.  In this Java with Juli, Juli and two friends talk about how they’ve handled the tension of being Bible teachers AND being women. Grab your coffee and hear how you can be a part of the conversation about embracing equality as men and women, honoring God’s Word, and confronting church traditions.


Guests:  Michele Cushatt & Sarah J O’Connor


Here is the blog from Beth Moore that Juli refers to in this conversation.


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  • Sherry Owens

    Sherry Owens

    Juli, I am so surprised that with your level of learning, you would actually believe that women are more likely to be deceived by men. The Holy Spirit is the great equalizer. His discernment works the same way in women as it does in men. Firstly, to also paint all females with the broad brush and say women tend to be swayed by emotions is irresponsible. It think, perhaps, if you would have explained your point a bit more, it wouldn't have sounded so stereotypical. I guess what bothers me most about what you said is you are implying our femininity, by design, makes us more open to deception and being lead by our emotions. God created femininity and God-created femininity doesn't come with these weaknesses. Lastly, you can be just as deceived by intellect as you can by emotions. I hope you're not making the point that men are "thinkers" and therefore not as likely to be deceived. So, I guess, after all that, I'm curious if you would be willing to state your point for me with more clarity. Thanks! Sherry
  • larissa


    I love these topics they're so important to speak on! But I have sensed much favoritism of women and little of building men up. I have seen the same thing in the world that has made sissfied men. Is not scripture clear about men being in leadership, women being women, men being men and their roles as well? I kept hearing about (except in the instance when you threw the curve ball about Eve in creation ) is the samething the world has been screaming about for years , women being second rate and supressed under a man. Under the banner of rights and equality women get harmed, men are weak, and children robbed of their mother and father. Everyone looses. I don't want to be a pastor or an elder, nor be judged under that role. Does not woman have a hearty plate of her own? God created marriage to show the world Himself. We don't need a woman's balance in leadership bc she is the balance already through her man. woman's voices are heard when a man in leadership is obeying His command to love His wife as Himself, He then will be sensitive to his wife and the precious women in the church, through a Christ centered relationship with His wife. And if He isn't obeying God's command to love his wife, lay His life down for her, and to love the brethern than he will be judged for that. I dont need to be put in leadership to replace him though. God can replace him with a man lead by His Spirit. And about transgender sensitivity. The only sensitivity we need is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit when speaking to people. We don't need to be politically correct we need to be lead by Christ love and truth when sharing the gospel to the broken. This subject was a fiery one! I love this broadcast and I appreciate the work and heart behind it.. just saw some danger in the beliefs shared.
  • larissa


    I do want to be sensitive to the sisters that were on the show and not to say that God has not lead them as teachers but I can't reconcile through scripture being an elder or pastor of a church with men. I do not want to be hurtful to them and hope I'm not!!!
  • Jodi Onaka

    Jodi Onaka

    The post by Beth Moore actually made me angry. I do not see women as having equal leadership roles as men. I am saddened by the many leaders in my church that are women. I often wonder if the women would step down, would the men step up?
  • Morgan  Mosebrook

    Morgan Mosebrook

    This has me conflicted I grew up conservative and my family hold that men should be leaders in church. But often feel torn because I don’t often see men stepping up and taking leadership roles seriously. This is topic I fondly put under the homeostasis category of scripture where I do believe there is balance that must obtained similar to how the body need to keep hormones in range. It’s just hard sometime to see the balance. I still can’t get behind women being pastors though. I never doubt their capability but it just doesn’t line up with how I view the scriptures




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